We bring HIPAA compliant telemedicine to your business to minimize downtime and maximize convenience

We work closely with a network of providers that provide telemedicine services upon referral. Using a computer or smartphone, employees can access care with our board certified on-staff physician. All communications are guaranteed HIPAA compliant so employees know their privacy is protected while they enjoy the convenience of skipping the doctor’s office.

About Us 

HV Occupational Health Advisors of America is your business’ key partner in providing OSHA compliant employee safety training and global case management. Should the unthinkable happen, our staff is ready with top of the line care in telemedicine for your employees by aiming to reach zero recordability with little downtime for your business.

Our Mission

HV Occupational Health Advisors offers lifesaving workplace safety consultation, helping you prevent the worst by preparing you with the best. Our goal is to help you create a safe, successful work environment that fosters confidence in your employees. Furthermore, we wish to grow with your business to truly understand your case, so that we can deliver exceptional service—every time.