Here to Protect Your Team

We provide our clients with around the clock (24/7) global safety case management, onsite training, medics, medical oversight, and protocols for land-based remote site work, ensuring that an employee injured on the job receives the best quality care while simultaneously working with the employer to minimize recordability rate (EMR) with little to no down time.
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Welcome to
HV Occupational Health Advisors of America

HV Occupational Health Advisors Consulting is a multi-disciplined firm comprised of dedicated safety and medical professionals with many years of practical experience.  Our diverse team includes physicians, physician’s assistants, registered nurses, paramedical specialists, OSHA experts and seasoned educators.  We provide our clients with onsite medics, medical oversight and protocols for land-based remote site work.  We also offer emergency medical training, OSHA and DOT compliance assistance, and emergency preparedness drills, as well as courses, presentations and sage advice in all areas of health, safety and emergency response.  We are proud and confident in our abilities to provide knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff and to deliver critical coursework.  Our ultimate goal is to integrate ourselves into your team – to understand the needs of each job so completely that we seamlessly transition into our role and become an ideal partner and trusted ally.

Our First Aid Kit

In order to be responsive to our client's needs, HV Occupational Health Advisors has developed a custom first aid kit that meets or exceeds requirements for ANSI Z308.1 2015, Class B, First Aid Kit.

The described kit may be suitable for some businesses. However, the adequacy of the contents for hazards of each work environment should always be evaluated by competent personnel. 

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